Cream of Asparagus Shooters

One day I was troubled by the waste from the stems when I make steamed asparagus.  I tend to serve primarily the tips, so effectively my asparagus is costing about twice what I think it is when I am shopping.  After a few minutes, I thought, what about cream of asparagus soup?


I broke the asparagus up into about 1 inch pieces and simmered the asparagus stems in chicken broth till they were nice and tender.  I added some cream and smokey bacon to the mixture, blended it with my immersion blender and added salt and pepper to taste.

To initially test the soup I just topped it with a little sour cream and ate it as you would a soup course.  The soup was hearty with a smokey taste.  The bulk from the asparagus stems added some body to the soup and I had consciously avoided using stems that were woody.

For some reason, appetizers and small servings were on my mind and the idea of an asparagus soup shooter hit me.  I filtered the soup through cheese cloth to clarify it a little, then filled the shot glass with the clarified soup and topped it with sour cream and a bacon bit.

If you want to get more creative, you can add xanthum gum to the soup and make a foam directly into the shot glass that you top with the sour cream and bacon bit.

Guanciale makes a terrific substitute for the bacon.

These shooters will be a hit at any cocktail or dinner gathering.

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