Cricket Spring Rolls

On my tour to see the Coo Chee Tunnels outside of Saigon, we stopped at a cricket farm.  You can get an amazing quantity of crickets by investing in some larvae, egg cartons and banana leaves!

When the crickets reach maturity, they are harvested, and then processed by squeezing out the guts (sorry….I couldn’t think of a more delicate way to describe the process) and boiling them.  They are then rinsed, fried and eaten plain, seasoned as a bar snack, or used as an ingredient in a prepared dish.

Our hosts prepared cricket spring rolls for us:  rice paper wrapper, crickets, cilantro, lettuce, basil and cucumber.  The crickets really didn’t have much flavor, but the spring rolls were nice and crunchy.  Hi protein, low environmental impact!

Bon Appetit!

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