Mini Tostadas

I love tostadas, but they aren’t usually on the top of the list when we have Mexican food night.  These mini tostadas are perfect for your Cinco de Mayo party.  You can make them  with a variety of base layers, so you will have several options in one appetizer (or you can consider it 3-4 appetizers!).


Round tortilla chips

Shredded cheddar cheese (or Mexican cheese blend)

Diced seeded tomatoes (Roma tomatoes are good for color during the winter)

Shredded iceberg lettuce


Base Layer suggestions

Taco meat (beef or chicken based)





Spread your base layer (or use a piping bag with a large opening) onto your favorite round tortilla chips.

Garnish with lettuce, cheese and tomatoes as desired and top with a little salsa or taco sauce.

The Guacamole, as well as sliced or diced avocado could also be used as a garnish if you use a meat base layer.

Cilantro is also an option for garnish.

You can make this as simple or difficult as you like.  You can make the each of the base layer items yourself or purchase many of them at your local grocery.  Either way, your guests will be impressed!


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