Memorial Day Hot Dogs

When I was a kid Memorial Day signaled the end of school and the beginning of summer.  We would often have our first “picnic trip” of the summer on Memorial Day or the Sunday before.  This included going to one of the many Oklahoma State Parks, building a fire and cooking our lunch.

Sometimes, the picnic was on a big scale where we would meet my aunts and uncles and make it into a feast with hamburgers and hot dogs and other pot luck type goodies.  I remember the times when it was just the immediate family and we would have hot dogs with the the traditional toppings….. mustard, onion, ketchup, pickle relish, and canned chili.

We used green twigs to roast the wieners and opened the can of chili and heated the can right on the fire.  Can’t get much better to a 7 year old boy!

This year is kind of low key, so I decided to grab some hot dogs and a brat for lunch.  There was an episode of “Mind of a Chef” where David Chang made a hot dog with kimchi and sirracha ketchup (I think) and I had a new jar of kimchi, so I decided to give it a try.

Cook the wieners in your favorite way.  Today we were grilling because I was also making a brat….. everyone knows brats are best grilled!

After cooking I made one hot dog in my favorite way …. mustard and onions.  If I want to go with a “dressed” hot dog, I add chili and cheese!..

The brat was pretty standard with ketchup and sweet pickle relish on a hoagie roll.

For the Kimchi hot dog I took the dog and added chopped kimchi and ketchup to which I had added a little sirracha sauce.


The Kimchi hot dog was really good!  My homemade sirracha ketchup was a little heavy on the sirracha… too much heat and not enough of the sweetness of the ketchup.

The other dogs were everyday old favorites.  I did decide that hot dog buns should not be toasted on the grill….. Toasting is for hamburger buns.  Hot dog buns should be steamed or wrapped in foil before heating on the grill.

Happy Memorial Day!

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