Yin-Yang Flower Pots

I saw the files for these Yin-Yang pots on Thingverse while browsing a few weeks ago and ended up making a couple of sets along with some spare parts.  Who knew there could be so many options for Yin-Yan?

My original idea was for simple succulent pots with black or white (as appropriate) media at the surface to enhance the contrast for the entire symbol.  The idea for succulents came up because we have a cat that is truly an omnivore and has an affinity for green veggies.  “Buddy” loves asparagus.  I thought I would get cacti or other spiked succulents and the spikes would keep him away.

While on my adventure to find appropriate succulents, I discovered the world miniature gardening and fairy gardens.  I’m sure I was aware of their existence, but I had never really thought about them.  Especially since we sanitized the house as far as plants, because Buddy kills them.

I didn’t get any succulents because I didn’t take the pots with me to the nursery and I wanted to make sure the sizing was right.  Then “Making It” came on TV and I became more distracted by crafts and fairy gardens.   After several hours of looking at fairy gardens and fairy garden “how to” on the internet, I went out in search of more succulent choices, fairy stuff, and Bonsai (where did that come in?).  On that trip I found these beauties:

Day of the Dead Fairies!

When I saw these, along with the miniature pumpkins, etc.  It suddenly dawned on me that fairy gardens could be seasonal rather than just “one and done” ….. “DUH”!!!

My internet research along with the trips to the local nurseries got me thinking about 3D printing accessories for fairy gardens and I went to Thingverse.com (my go to for 3D print files).  There I found a set of files for a “fairy labyrinth”.  The project has about 15 files that need to be printed individually and then assembled.

While setting up the printer, I was drawn back to the Yin-Yang planters and started playing with some additional ideas…. I didn’t need a “whole scene”, I could just have little accents for the plants!

With my mind back on the Yin-Yang pots, I decided to go by a couple of hobby stores to see what they had since fairies were supposed to be the latest trend…. Choice was minimal, but I did find a couple of cute items.  It seems that the nurseries that also specialize in a section with miniature plants have more available.

I found some plants and here’s how it turned out!




The dragon and cactus are sitting happily on the window sill, where Buddy ignores them.

The plants with the leafy foliage fit perfectly in a wall sconce well out of Buddy’s reach.

What I learned

Miniature gardening and fairy gardens are  a fairly popular thing!  Many choices on Etsy.com.

Kind of what makes these interesting is that they are wonderfully diverse and give the hobbyist many approaches:

Miniature garden:  Small house plants and miniature plants with moss as “grass” to make a landscape to which miniatures are added to complete the scene.  These may or may not include fairies, gnomes, dragons or other fantasy characters.

Fairy garden:  1). Miniature figures added to “house plants” or outdoor plans to make a scene giving the appearance of a “small world” within the flower garden or flower pot.  These can also be just miniatures added as an accent such as I did.  2)  A self contained garden/scene containing miniature fantasy characters.  Well suited to the “broken pot” style and succulents.

These are just a could of differences in approach that came to my mind.  Any comments are welcomed and encouraged.

Blending with other hobbies, you can choose to 3D Print some of the accessories, purchase them, or make them using other craft techniques.


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