Grilled Palisade Peaches

August in Colorado means Palisade peaches.  While Georgia may be the peach state and peaches are plentiful throughout the South, the dry clean air, and altitude in Palisade team up to give us beautiful juicy peaches.

I’m not a big fruit person, but peach pie and peach cobbler conjur up memories of many happy times with my Grandmother and the flavorful fruit pies she made.

This is the weekend of the Palisade Peach Fest, so the peach sellers started showing up with their tents along the side of the road and I bought my first box of the precious gold.

I was too lazy last night to make a peach crisp, but still wanted that sweet peach taste for dessert.  My friend had earlier texted me that his grilled peaches turned out well, so I thought that would be a good solution to my ambivalence.



Cinnamon sugar


Lemon juice


Cut the peaches in half and brush each half with honey and lemon juice.  Place cut side down till ready to grill.

Grill with the cut side down until you have the grill marks you desire. (About 3-5 minutes).

Turn over, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar and grill another 5 – 10 minutes with indirect heat.  How long to grill depends how soft you want your peaches.

Serve with ice cream.



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  1. mistimaan says:

    Nice recipe


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