Green Chili Season!

You can tell it’s Fall in the Denver area for  two reasons:  Bronco football and Green Chili stands.


The purveyors show up from New Mexico and southern Colorado with their roasters and peppers and it’s like a party.

You pick out your peppers:  Hatch from New Mexico vs Pueblo from Colorado.  There is a lot of debate on which pepper provides the best flavor.  You also have to choose the heat level you want from mild to Xtra Hot or even Ghost Chilies.

They roast up your chilies till the skins are crispy black and the peppers are tender.  For added flavor to whatever you want to make, they will also add a “sleeve” of garlic to the mix.


The product you take home isn’t very appetizing unless you know about the gold inside.

I find the easiest way to clean the peppers is the use a dish brush under running water.  You want to remove most of the char, but a little with give a nice smokey flavor.  You will want to remove most of the seeds, depending on your heat tolerance.

I got a half bushel of Medium Hatch Chilies….. now to make Pork Green Chili and Picante Sauce!

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