Lo Carb / Keto Failures!


In the frenzy of trying to make “all things lo carb/Keto”, we’ve have a few setbacks over the last few weeks.


For the most part I enjoy eating Keto.  I can go without desserts and I’m not particularly fond of fruit.  I can get my craving for mashed potatoes sated with mashed cauliflower, but the quest for a French fry substitute remains elusive.

I was thinking about my delima and the lowly jicama jumped into my head.  It kind of looks like an overgrown potato, it doesn’t have a lot a flavor, and it is crisp and has the mouth feel of a potato.  I do have to say that jicama doesn’t have the starchy taste that you get when you bite into a raw potato.

I searched out several recipes for jicama fries with everything from pre-salting the fries and baking them to parcooking the fries, blotting and finishing in the deep fryer.

None of the variations was really acceptable in my book.  The closest were the salted, blotted and baked after spraying with cooking spray.  They tasted like a poor example of a oven baked French fry.

The deep fried versions were soggy and limp.

It turns out that jicama has about 9 g of carbohydrate per 100 g, so as you can see you don’t get many fries for the amount of carbs.,,,,,,,, and they don’t really taste like fries!



The ingredients are shown above.  I was so disgusted by the time I finished making and fussing that I didn’t even take an “after” photo.

The idea was to use riced cauliflower as the base with cashew milk and coconut cream to replace the dairy component.  An egg is used as a binder.

I decided to use commercially available riced cauliflower rather than making my own.  I think that was my first mistake.  The commercial product appears to be made with larger heads that have more stems and core.  These pieces don’t soften up even after extended cooking like the more tender portions.

Before chilling my “pudding” had a texture more like hot oatmeal.  I could recommend this combination for an assignment like that:  cook riced cauliflower in cashew milk and coconut cream until very soft.  Blend with an immersion blender, add and egg and bring to a boil, stirring continuously as it thickens.  Add sweetener and flavor to taste.

I think it would make a nice breakfast!  Grain free!

As pudding, it bombed!



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