Valentine’s Day Appetizer

Valentine’s Day is a big day for carbs!  Candy, chocolate, sweet drinks….


I had already planned to make a big meat heart for Valentine’s Day and treat it like a burger.  I thought about making smaller individual heart shaped burgers, but I couldn’t find my cookie cutter.  I decided to try the local hobby store and since it was Valentine’s Day, the pickings were very slim.  They did have a smaller heart shaped cookie cutter and I also picked up a silicone heart shaped candy mold.

I decided to just bake the big heart, brown the top a little with a torch, add white cheddar in the shape of another heart and add a ketchup border.  Serve with favorite burger toppings.

The small hearts are tomato blended with an immersion blender.  Add agar agar to a concentration of 1.5% and heat to boiling.  Pour the mixture into the mold and cool at room temperature.

Top with sour cream, pesto or other condiment.

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