Allergen free / Carb Free Birthday Cake

My ex-wife, her husband, our son and his family were coming out to Colorado to celebrate her birthday with a ski vacation.  This was to be a very special birthday since she grew up in the area and was always the local driving to the slope each morning and maybe having a new pair of skis.  Even then, they were likely to be a used pair.  We got rooms at the Westin at Snowmass.  WOW!  The hotel was right on the slopes with a ski valet so you could go down and pick up your skis, walk 15 yards and strap them on and you were skiing down to the chairlift.   This is how to live!

Even though we are eating Keto at our house, I thought it would be nice to make a cake for the occasion.  I sent out a note to my daughter-in-law asking for feedback on my ex-wife’s favorite cake.  I had some ideas, but it has been a few years since we were together.  While waiting for her to get back to me, I remembered that my ex-wife really likes cherry cheesecake.  I also knew that she was eating gluten-free.  With that in mind I came up with a gluten free confetti cake (courtesy of Pillsbury) with cheesecake flavored icing, cherry filling and a layer of “graham cracker crust” under the cherry filling.  In my mind I had designed a cake worthy of the Spring Baking Championship.

My daughter-in-law texted back and said, “gluten-free”…. which I was prepared for, but she also added, “no dairy, no chocolate, cane sugar only, no cherries…”  My heart was crushed…. I didn’t have much time (or energy) to research gluten free cake recipes, rework my cake idea, and make sure I had all of the suspect allergens covered.

I then came up with the idea to do a 3-D printed cake and went to Thingiverse, my favorite site for 3-D printing models.  I found the one above and didn’t look back.  The original set of files had a different topper (kind of like a chalkboard with numbers), but I thought the simple numbers were better.  Plus, they cave me room for the birthday candle holder.

The cake was a Hit!  No Allergens and No Carb!



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