Beef Tallow Candles Anyone?

I almost always buy my beef from the local butcher a side at a time.  That way I can get meat that is produced under known conditions (grass fed / grain finished, no additives), it’s less expensive and I have a good selection of cuts on hand at any one time.

My freezer is almost empty and I have another side of beef on order, but I notice that I Still have several bags of miscellaneous bones, plus some soup bones and neck bones.  I had asked for the extra bones along with the soup bones when I got the beef  because I had the idea of making beef or bone broth from scratch.  With a fresh order pending, now was the time for action.

Most recipes for beef broth or bone broth roast the bones with vegetables such as carrots, onion and celery, but I decided to be more of a purist and season only with Nature’s Seasons.  I roasted the bones for about an hour at 400 F and then put the bones, rendered fat, brown bits in my InstaPot with two cups of water and processed them on high pressure for an hour.



After processing I removed the bones, fat and meaty pieces from the pot.  I did a preliminary dice on the meat after removing the bones and then processed the meat in the food processor.


The processed meat and liquids from the InstaPot were squeezed through a clean dish towel into a quart jar.


Upon cooling, the material in the jar was a hard waxy substance.   Hey!  I extracted tallow from the bones!  At this rate, it would take 4-5 cows to have enough candles for a month!


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